to slide on ice wearing ice skates
>ice-skater[i] n
>ice-skating n [U]

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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  • Ice skate — Ice skates are boots with blades attached to the bottom, used to propel oneself across a sheet of ice.The first ice skates were made from leg bones of horse, ox or deer, and were attached to feet with leather straps. A pole with a sharp… …   Wikipedia

  • ice skate — ► NOUN ▪ a boot with a blade attached to the sole, used for skating on ice. ► VERB (ice skate) ▪ skate on ice as a sport or pastime. DERIVATIVES ice skater noun ice skating noun …   English terms dictionary

  • ice skate — n. a skate for skating on ice: see SKATE1 (sense 1) ice skate vi. ice skated, ice skating ice skater n …   English World dictionary

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  • ice-skate — v to slide on ice wearing ice skates >ice skater[i] n >ice skating n [U] …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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